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Classical  Homeopathy

My journey to becoming a homeopathic healer.

After completing my bachelor’s degree with honors in Political Science and International Relations studies at the Hebrew University, I began my professional career in the government, working at the Prime Minister’s office. Initially my dream was to become an ambassador, but over time I came to realize that this was not to be my true calling.

For a long period of time I suffered from chronic migraine headaches, and in my search for a cure I came across homeopathy. The homeopathic remedies I received completely cured me, and with that also sparked my curiosity. I discovered a medicine that is both powerful and mysterious, that utilizes an array of sciences including psychology, botany, biology, zoology and chemistry.

I enrolled and studied for four years at the School of Homeoapthy, then a part of the College of Management, located in “Assaf Harofe” Hospital and the “Hillel Yaffe” Hospital. For the six years following, I continued to gain experience working for the renowned pharmacy “Homgalil”, during which I saw a multitude of patients with interesting and challenging cases on a daily basis. Currently, I practice Classical Homeopathy at my two clinics, in Ra’anana and in Hod Hasharon, and I am a member of Israeli Association for Classical Homeopathy (IACH).

Apart from its being an intelligent, effective and practical form of medicine, homeopathy also requires an attention to detail, and constant study in order to remain current and up to date on the latest materials.  Homeopathy practitioners are responsible for both the physical and mental health of their patients, as our intricate bodies are often a reflection of our mental state of being. As such, this requires attentiveness patience, and empathy. All of the above are the qualities that I employ every day in my practice with my patients, and that I make an effort to maintain in my personal life as well.

With the tools that I gained through my extensive study of classical homeopathy, I treat a wide range of physical problems such as recurring infections, allergies, migraines, fertility problems, skin lesions and emotional difficulties such as anxiety or depression. In therapy, I view the patient as a whole entity and I prepare the homeopathic remedy with adaptations that are unique to each individual.  In this way I can help restore the balance and equilibrium to the patient’s body and mind, while closely monitoring so as to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the process.

Homeopathic therapy is suitable to anyone no matter their age, from infancy to senior citizens, and especially during pregnancy, throughout the birthing process and breastfeeding.

In this way, I did become an ambassador of sorts, an ambassador for the ways of classical homeopathy, which have changed my life completely.  Beyond its applications as a career in which I invest most of the hours of my day, homeopathy is my purpose in life. Today, I understand that this is medicine in its truest form, it is groundbreaking and life changing, without exaggeration.

Classical homeopathy
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